Gerda Martens, the new wave from Estonia

Office design and construction management of the largest architectural firm - Genesis - that has ever existed. And no one had been entrusted an order - the universe - of such magnitude.
The works are now coming to an end when the most whimsical young architect, Odnom, appears before the Almighty general manager. He would have an idea. Galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, everything nice, certainly very nice, but a bit cold. Why not animate it a bit, perhaps in a corner on the sidelines, with some life? The Omniscient general manager smiles, he already knew where Odnom was going with this. Yet he pleases him. Immediately an endless array of young architects - all elected Spirits - sets to work, each on a single project of being. Very few projects do not become executive. Only one, even preliminary, is rejected. Almighty and Omniscient, the general manager knows what would happen in the future if that strange - moreover gifted with reason, as explained in detail in the project- saw the light. Don't even talk about it. Trashed. The work is finished, it is the eve of inauguration. All are happy and content. All except him who has seen quash the project, sad and aside ...
Year of publication: 2015



Gerda Märtens was born in 1987 in Tallinin, in Estonia, and her first artistic training took place in the classrooms of the Estonian Academy of Art . Once graduated, she moved to Italy and for some years she studied illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, under the guidance of Mauro Evangelista. It is in this period that she intensified her technique and competence, attending courses at the Summer School Ars in Fabula with Carll Cneut and Davide Cali. In 2015 she published "La Creazione" by Dino Buzzati , adaptation of her thesis (Supervisor Mauro Evangelista).
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