Ars in Fabula, the illustration school that has been dealing with publishing for more than twenty years, is recognized as a leader of the field for the level of preparation of its graduates. In fact, many are the professional illustrators who were trained here and who work internationally today, also consecrated by the most important exhibitions of the field. The Ars in Fabula educational path is structured in three steps: Entry-Level the basic course, Advanced-Level the specialization course and Master the professionalizing course. The Master is the focal point of high artistic and professional education, which represent for many students the entry into the world of work with the publication of their first book. Ars in Fabula received the Andersen Prize in 2011 for education.

Entry Level

The Entry-Level Course of Editorial Illustration is a course designed for those who want to take a training path in the artistic publishing industry starting from the main basis.

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Advanced Level

The Advanced-Level course in Editorial Illustration is addressed to Entry-Level graduates and it is aimed at deepening the planning issues of the illustrated book but also at consolidating the study of the student's personal executive technique.

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The professionalizing Ars in Fabula training course dedicated to those who want to enter the professional world facing a real editorial commission.

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