Exceptional teachers for advanced courses in artistic and professional education, selected for the high profile and the consolidated teaching experience.

The book is the outcome of a team work where different points of view are compared and it is necessary to consider and mediate other's opinions. It follows that it's necessary to compose a teaching staff made up of professional illustrators, publishers, writers, scholars and experts in the field.
The central idea about teaching that connects the different souls who constitute the teaching staff of the school Ars in Fabula is the firm belief they don't have to transmit preconceived formulas, ready-made recipes. Above all on the artistic side, when a personal style comes to light, it is also the result of internal investigation, the work on one's own limitations and strong points. The teacher is the one who is able to motivate the emergence of this interiority.
It is also imperative to be able to lead the work of the student in the right direction so that one's own technique, graphical or pictorial, is the result of a stylistic achievement, the most suitable tool for an expressive need. Indeed Ars in Fabula has stood out for the diversity and originality of their students style, attributable neither to their teachers nor to the trends of the moment.
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