Ars in Fabula

Ars in Fabula

The children sector occupies for a long time a role of primary importance in the publishing field and has experienced a strong expansion in the last ten years. The illustrator who deals with this area is a professional who must have specific knowledge and skills. Narrative, organizational and management skills must combine with creativity and stylistic originality. Ars in Fabula is the school of illustration specialized in this area.

The School was born in 2001 in Macerata and is hosted in the rooms of Palazzo Compagnoni Marefoschi, one of the most important buildings of the city, work of Luigi Vanvitelli. Ars in Fabula was always concerned with publishing and is acknowledged in this sector for the high level of preparedness of its graduates. Many, indeed, are the professional illustrators who have trained here and who today work internationally, consecrated by the most important trade exhibitions such as the prestigious Illustrators Exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair. The school has several training offers : the Master in Publishing Illustration is the focal point of the high artistic and vocational training, and has been the real entrance into the labour market for many students with the publication of their first book. Ars in Fabula received the Andersen Award in 2011 for training.


Palazzo Compagnoni Marefoschi
Via Don Minzoni 11
62100 Macerata
Tel. 0733 231740

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