There is a moment when the presence of man in the ecosystem is sustainable and not invasive. This period only lasts for a blink of an eye or the turning of the page and it is soon replaced by a more alarming view; fishes abandon their intense colours to embrace the blackness of the factory and a natural scream, at first thin as a whistle an then explosive as the roots of a tree capable with their strenght of tearing the asphalt, echoes through the air.

“Changeons”, by the Master graduate Francesco Giustozzi, aims to remind how the way back to the ancient coexistence of man and nature is far from impossible, actually the path to reestablish it needs only a few expedients, given that, even on their own, the natural forces would be able to redeem themselves.

The digital technique used by Giustozzi with its graphic and essential shapes, keeps the dinamic aspect of a handmade work while the absence of words let the narration, build on the attention to details, to be the true protagonist of the book.

Editor: Éditions La Joie de Lire
Year of publication: 2017


Francesco Giustozzi

Born in Macerata in 1986, he discovered the world of the illustration in 2009 thanks to the Master Ars in Fabula. In February 2012 he graduated in Multimedia Graphic from the Accademia di Belle Arti. He collaborated with “The Wishlist Project” and “GRUPPO TREKKING”. He was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2015 and 2016. In 2015 he published “50 décors / 50 film à deviner” with Éditions Milan (Milan et demi -Francia) and in 2017 “Changeons!” with La Joie de Lire (Switzerland). He currently works as freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

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