Entry Level

Designed for those who wish to take a training path in the artistic publishing industry starting with the main basis.

Entry Level
The Entry-Level Course aims at offering an artistic and professional structured training programme, dealing with all stages of designing an illustrated book and providing the basis for a personal artistic research methodology.
The course is open to all who wish to approach the publishing industry with career aspirations regardless of age and level of education and requires no entrance test; it is divided into thematic modules. The first three modules will take place on weekends, the fourth module in the summer in order to meet the needs of offsite students or workers.
The course is designed as a first training cycle, in order to provide students with all the design and methodological tools and then move to specialization, but also to give a chance to those who have already started their own independent path to bridge gaps or deepen single issues. The faculty is composed of professionals and experts in the publishing industry.

The frequency of the entire Entry-Level course allows the recognition of 5 points in the Specific Training for entrance to the Master's Degree in Illustration Ars in Fabula. Start of classes : January 2022. Please ask for the schedule of classes to the secretariat: info@arsinfabula.com.
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