Designed for those who want to deepen the planning issues of the illustrated book and consolidate the study of the technique


Second step of the Ars in Fabula professional training courses for publishing (on-line). Aimed at deepening the design themes of the illustrated book and consolidating the executive technique by developing a personal project-book for the student.

The course is aimed at the realization of a personal editorial project on a professional level. The themes, that will be explored, are the narration with images, the study of characters and settings, the executive technique and graphic design. The Advanced-Level is open to those who have already completed a basic course in illustration (Entry-Level or an equivalent course) or through the selection of an artistic portfolio.

The course provides a coordinator teacher, who will follow the development of editorial projects, and for thematic in-depth studies teachers, chosen among the professionals of the field such as publishers and illustrators. The course ends in July with the presentation of the projects in front of a commission of experts.

The diploma of the Advanced-Level course is recognized with 5 points in Specific Education for entry to the Ars in Fabula Master in Illustration. Lessons start in: January 2025. Ask the calendar of lessons to the secretariat:

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